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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2018): 1st International Seminar Rural Urban and Community Health

Proceeding International Seminar on Rural, Urban and Community Health (ISRUNCH) 2018 : innovative health care to improve public health in rural and urban areas ; Horison Tirta Sanita Hotel, Kuningan, Indonesia, December 20th, 2018

Published: 2019-11-26


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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the International Seminar on Rural, Urban and Community Health (ISRUNCH) 2018. We are very happy to be the host of this International Seminar. We are very
grateful to you all and would like to thanks to the keynote speakers, invited speakers, and presenters who have prepared the papers and participating in the seminar. We strongly believe that your significant contribution will be very useful to societies to enhance the development of health in rural and urban areas in the future.

Indonesia is an archipelago with rural and urban characteristics. Health problems in Indonesia are distributed in both rural and urban areas. The conditions and characteristics of rural and urban areas are determinants of health problems. The social determinants of health in rural and urban areas are affecting public health status in Indonesia as well as whole part of the world. Efforts to reduce health problems require cross-sector cooperation including local government. The role of health workers is significantly important in collaboration with local governments to solve the health problems. Health workers have innovations and strategies in health services to reduce health problems in rural and urban areas. What is the direction, strategy and innovation of health development in rural and urban areas in West Java in the era of the Industrial 4.0 Revolution? In an effort to reduce health problems and improve public health status, then we will listen to the exposure of the Governor of West Java. We will learn about health services in rural areas in Thailand. How is the health service are proving there, and what innovations are made? We will listen all this from the presentation from Prof. Supa Pengpid from Mahidol University, Thailand.

This activity is divided into 2 sessions, namely seminar sessions and scientific sessions, oral presentations, and posters. The topics in this scientific session are rural health issues, urban health issues and innovation in health services in the community Articles will be published in proceedings and journals. Participants are come from various groups e.g. students, lecturers, public health practitioners and researchers from various provinces in Indonesia and neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Bangladesh.