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Keywords: Masterplan, Healthy District, Healthy District of Serang Regency Masterplan


Background: Healthy district/city is a clean, comfortable, safe and healthy district/city which can be achieved through  the implementation of multiple arrangements with  integrated  activities agreed  upon by communities and local governments. The implementation of Healthy Regency/City is a variety of activities through community empowerment, through forums facilitated by district/city governments. Objective: To provide the planning documents which become the reference or guidance in the implementation of a Healthy District in Serang regency. Output: Potential, problems and challenges of health development in Serang Regency for each order; strategy and recommendation. Methods: Primary and secondary data collection by direct interview with the major Organization of Regional Devices related to each order. Focussed Group Discussion to the chief of sub-district/secretary of the sub-district and statistical analysis as well as descriptive statistics. Results: Health characteristics in each order of healthy district, potential, problems and challenges of health development in Serang regency  for  each  order.  Conclusion:  Compiled  potentials,  problems,  and  challenges  in  Serang Regency, strategies and recommendations to achieve a Healthy Serang Regency.