• Erlina Andika D Pratiwi University of Indonesia
  • Triyanti Triyanti University of Indonesia
Keywords: Factor, Eating Out, Adolescent, Health Status


Background: Over the past few years, eating outside the home (OH) has become a common activity for family to do and is also done by adolescents. Adolescence is seen as an important period for youth as they transition to adulthood. Subjects and Methods: We have identified some factors that are associated with eating out. We conducted a systematic review of the article that published in the last 10 years. There were 9 articles that met the criteria and were included in this review. Results: Foods consumed outside the home are important sources of energy in all age groups and their energy contribution increases  in adolescents and young adults. Eating outside of home was associated with anthropometry measurement such as waist circumference and body mass index. In addition, eating out of home is also associated with gender and physical activities. There were some studies showed that eating out is also associated with food security such as the quality of foods. Conclusion: From the factors that we found, it can be concluded that eating out is associated with health status and some individual characteristics in adolescents.